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Yoga in School Nic Moy
Yoga in Schools Nic Moy
Yoga in Schools Nic Moy

Yoga in Schools

Focus. Calm. Engage.

"Of all our afterschool clubs Yoga with Nic is the most popular, the children love it.  As a former primary school teacher Nic has a great understanding of the children's needs and the importance of their mental well-being in the wider curriculum."

Ms J. Littlechilds, Headteacher at Holme Hall Primary School, Chesterfield.

Having over 20 years of experience as a Primary and Special School teacher I am excited by the positive impact that Yoga can have on children. Whilst practising Yoga pupils not only develop physical literacy but they experience mindful practices which can impact upon their wellbeing. Yoga introduces concentration, visualisation, relaxation and breathing techniques which can bring calm and focus to the pupils enabling them to engage and interact successfully throughout the school day.

However you visualise Yoga sessions for your school (workshops for pupils or staff, after/before school clubs, etc) I can work with you to devise a program which meets your requirements.

I have been working with Chesterfield schools for a few years now offering popular after school yoga clubs.

What the children say....

"I like yoga with Nic because she helps me calm down."

"I like yoga with Nic because it helps your body to stay healthy."

"I like doing the parachute!"

"I like singing the songs and playing the games."

"It is fun, we sing songs and use scarfs and feathers."

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